How to match bags for different occasions?

Luggage has become one of the necessities for going out, and like clothing, suitable and fashionable combinations can make your travel more confident. There is a particular emphasis on matching different types of luggage, and it is necessary to wear different bags based on your overall clothing. The following is an introduction to the types and matching of luggage:

[Double handed travel bag] The exaggerated double handed travel bag is also full of business. In terms of matching, it is recommended to choose a vertical stripe formal dress. In terms of style, the best choice is a double breasted gun lapel. The straight vertical stripe will correct the proportion problem between the large handbag and the human body.

[Backpack] A dynamic backpack suitable for younger business people. In terms of matching, it is recommended to choose a dark blue overcoat and red tie. The contrast between red and blue shows a bit of youthful vitality.

[Traditional Document Package] Traditional and classic document packages are essential styles for business people. The delicate and soft leather echoes the double breasted leather trench coat, with geometric cutting lines and a classic business appeal.

[Business travel bag] Enlarge the traditional business bag and make it your most popular choice for the new season. Choose a dark and plump leather bag, and pay attention to choosing a slightly colorful tie to match, while a white high collar is the best choice for the collar of a shirt.

[Carrying Bag] A portable and lightweight carrying bag, suitable for a slimming formal style and exaggerated gun lapel neckline design, will highlight the lightweight feel of the carrying bag, while giving you some rustic temperament.

[Square Double Pocket Bag] The square double pocket bag has a slightly nostalgic flavor, and the special wrinkle texture on the surface is destined to become the protagonist. It is recommended to choose a slightly loose board type for formal attire matching, with neutral colors predominating, such as gray, grayish blue, etc.

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