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CLOUD LOVE is a manufacturing company specializing in luggage research and development, production and sales,

The company has been engaged in the luggage industry for 17 years, with a wide range of production and rich experience.

Bags are sold all over the world, including Asia, Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia and South America. Our main products include backpacks, children's bags, cloth bags, waist bags, mommy bags, etc.

Support sample customization, special logo printing advertising, etc. Our design philosophy is to adhere to the principle of "originality", health, fashion, burden reduction, waterproof and safety.

Our aim is to let every friend carry the Cloud Love brand bag. We are the luggage porters.

Cloud Love:

The original brand of Yunxi Group is determined to serve the global youth with high-end quality and public price

Bring Chinese original design to the world

be at the height of one 's youth and vigour

Scholar's morale

Like the breeze and white clouds

Like a schoolmate

Willing to forge ahead and live up to youth

Show your ambition and live up to your age

Small backpacks are not ordinary

We won't realize our dreams

But we can put on your dream and take you to the world

For more details, please feel free to contact us.
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