Tips for matching clothes in winter
How to wear and match clothes in winter? Clothes must be properly matched to achieve a higher sense of beauty, and clothing matching must first understand their own body shape characteristics to bette...
Principles and Taboos of Clothing Color Matching
A. Primary colors: red, yellow, blue Multi color: red+yellow=orange red+blue=purple yellow+blue=green Intermediate color: yellow+orange=orange orange+green=brown B. Color system 1) Hue: re...
Matching skills of overcoats
The overcoat is the most powerful tool to wear in the early winter, especially the long overcoat, which is easier to wear with the wind. How to match the long coat? First of all, choose the right ver...
A short coat looks good if it's fat
The pace of winter is getting closer and closer, and we should also begin to prepare for winter clothing. It must be short cotton padded clothes that are warm and light in winter. This year, bread and...
Attention before using new suits and shirts
1. Remove the label at the cuff first, and only use scissors to carefully cut the sewing thread on the label. Do not pull it, so as not to break the knitting thread of the suit. 2. Remove the fixing ...
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