Tips for moving luggage buyers

1. Luggage samples and data should be complete.

Luggage samples are the way customers evaluate you and your company, so what you send is not only a product, but also the image of your company. Whether your samples are complete and the information is complete can allow customers to inspect the scale of your company. For example, if a company can't even make samples well, how to make a good product? Customers won't trust you with the order. Therefore, the sample you send must be a neat product, tested by the engineering department, and accompanied by a test report. In the sample you send, you should include: a product description, two detailed product acknowledgements, as one requires the customer to sign back, and two business cards (or more, to ensure that the customer's procurement or engineering department can have your contact information).

2. Write your contact information on the bag sample.

Many people may ask, doesn't this affect the appearance of the sample? "It does affect the appearance of the sample, but doing so will let others know who this sample belongs to. During the confirmation process, as long as someone picks up the sample, they will see your contact information.". In particular, some companies will use your samples to assemble prototypes or hand them over to their customers, which can help you promote better. This is an effect that business cards cannot produce.

3. Put some lightweight and affordable small gifts in the bag sample.

In fact, people who purchase or seek samples from you also have feelings. When he receives the sample and finds out that you have given him some small gifts, he will be a bit moved and pay more attention to your sample. A small gift can be a beautiful card or a small bag of tea. When sending a sample, add some thought to it, and the customer will naturally be more moved by you. A person who is so careful can always make people feel at ease.

4. Provide the customer with some information about the luggage materials he wants to know.

"Your products, whether they are parts or finished products, customers will definitely purchase other things besides your products. Therefore, when sending samples, it will be good for you to include some information related to your products in the samples and give them more help.". For example, if you are making fabrics, the manufacturer that purchases your products should be the garment manufacturer, so that you can include in your samples information on things that customers may purchase, such as buttons or colored edges, to give them some help. Of course, it's best to know someone you know. When the customer receives your sample, they will call to find the information you provided, which can help your friends and make the customer feel your sincerity.

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