Precautions for purchasing schoolbags for middle school students

Tip 1: Don't exceed your weight by 15%.

"Because the natural center of gravity of the human body is in the middle, if the head is lowered, it represents a forward movement of the center of gravity, which is a sign of a hunched back. When a child's schoolbag is overweight, in order to balance the backward movement of the body's center of gravity on the back of the schoolbag, the head must be tilted forward.". Over time, children become accustomed to walking with their breasts on, which can affect their healthy growth. Therefore, it is recommended that the weight of a student's schoolbag should not exceed 15% of their own weight. Children should form the good habit of tidying up their schoolbags every day and taking away books that are temporarily useless.

Tip 2: Do not choose the following three types of schoolbags as student schoolbags.

1. Single shoulder backpacks, single shoulder diagonal backpacks from the 1960s and 1970s, are now popular again. A cross slung schoolbag can exert force on one side of the shoulder, resulting in uneven force on the left and right shoulders. In addition, the weight of books is not light, which in the long run can lead to shoulder and spinal strain, and even scoliosis. Similarly, children should not move their backpacks from both shoulders to one shoulder.

2. Hand-pulled bags, such as school bags, have become popular in recent years. Like a suitcase, these school bags have pull bars and wheels that can be dragged along, freeing children's shoulders but stressing their wrists. This design makes the center of gravity of the schoolbag unstable, making it easy for children to twist their wrists while walking.

3. Backing a backpack in front and carrying the backpack on the back to your chest is a common way of carrying it on the street. The original intention of this method is to prevent thieves. If the backpack is too heavy, the front back only increases the load on the waist, increasing the likelihood of lumbar strain.

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